Gay Rickmyre - Co-worker Shari is having a hysterectomy on Monday Jan. 11. UPDATE: Shari was undergoing surgery and surgeon had begun the laparoscopic incisions when the Anesthesiologist stopped the procedure because she was not tolerating the anesthesia. They had to intubate her for a brief period, but she has now been discharged to home and doctor told her they would try again with a different anesthesia. Please continue to lift Shari up so she will feel comfortable when it comes time to reschedule.
Bruce Kibbe & Gloria Gilpatrick - The Cantelau family at the death of mother, Nancy. Praise for physical healing.
MaryLee Hawes - Marcia's knee & shoulder, Sue Calfee, Vivian's arm, all who are grieving and sick, God Bless and heal America.
Debbie Hoppe - Pray for me, I will be getting the covid shot on Thursday. Also, for my Georgia family.
Chey Pennywell - Just not feeling well for unknown reasons.
Camille Miketinac - Please pray for my brothers ages 88 and 85 and my sister-in-law, who have the virus. Also for my spiritual growth that my life may glorify GOD and be more beautiful atl the last than at my birth.
Dana LaRoche - I would like prayers for my brother in law, Jack, in Ohio, who fell down the stairs in his home last night. He has a brain contusion, separated shoulder, facial fracture, confusion and can’t walk on his own. He is being moved from the hospital to a physical therapy facility where they hope to regain some normalcy for him. Thank you, Jesus, for healing for Jack.

Food Pantry Patron Requests:
Jefferi - Leukemia at 30 some years old
Sandy - Severe back and knee pain
Unknown - Russ in hospital with COPD 

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