Sandi LoBosco - My friend that has brain cancer, Tina, now has to postpone her surgery due to an infection caused by an bad root canal and she didn't even know until her oncologist told her to have her teeth checked before the surgery and starting chemo and radiation. Also my friend had covid and passed onto her husband who is in the hospital now. Candy, Bill and Greg, all in need of healing. Thank you, stay safe and well.
Cecilia Wood - Please pray so me and my husband can conceive  a baby soon.
anonymous - Tony is going through a very bad divorce; God would bring healing for everyone. Salvation for all those I have been witnessing to. Salvation for family and friends. I have my last test on January 4 in the morning; this is my last test for license. God would continue to give me wisdom on that test and for future decisions. I need massive dental work. God would stop the ringing in my ears. I would have more joy in my heart. Allan is in jail. Chris is doing much better; God changed his life 360. Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for more faith and growth in Jesus;
salvation for their father. May God bless all their family members.
Annette - Please pray for Nadine’s family ( my ex sister in law) as they are grieving her passing.

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