MaryLee Hawes - Rick & Sue, Greg & Sandy, all who need God's healing.
Debbie Hoppe - Prayers for my Georgia family.
Bob & Marcia Montgomery -  Please keep our son, Robert, in prayer. He has some very important decisions to make. Sister-in-law, Lynda still fighting an intestinal infection. Not in the hospital but needs prayers. Thank you.
Josh & Kylee Pelc - New baby boy born Friday is in NICU with fluid in his lungs.
Eva Bowles - Please pray for Jim and Rowena Elias both with covid. Jim has difficulties breathing. Rowena has other health issues.

  Food Pantry Patron Requests:
  Joan - Please pray for my eyes, knees and feet.
  Judy S - throat cancer - prayers needed.
  Donna S. - husband's leukemia - keep him in your prayers.

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