Krystale - Prayer for a good job and relief from financial stress and mental illness.
Vicki Kee - My best friend’s mother, Rosa, was hospitalized with double pneumonia. She fell and broke her back. They want to send her to a nursing home, but there are financial complications.  She needs the Favor of God for both healing and finances.
Angela Quinn - Prayers for all the beautiful, dedicated, loving members of our congregation and the friends and family so in need of comfort, peace, and healing! Prayers for the family of a baby girl who was born on May 31,2024 and lived for less than 2 hours....her Celebration of Life service was the most beautiful and saddest thing I have ever experienced, and her family exhibited the most powerful testament in faith I have ever experienced also, yet they still need outpouring of prayer through their grief and healing, even though they are left with a giant hole where that little life would have been as their first child/grandchild/niece/etc.  Prayers for my Savannah as she prepares to attend high school this coming school year, and for her to be placed where she will be best educated and safe! And all the children of this upcoming generation, and those yet to come.
Candy Newcomb - Thank you all for your prayers, my brother Donnie is now in a nursing home for rehab. He is doing much better. My daughter Tori they found a hiatal hernia and they took her off all her meds for acid reflux and nausea and sent her home and within 24 hours she returned to another hospital in so much pain and they found she had a ruptured ovarian cyst. They put her back on her meds and gave her a new diet plan to follow and she is doing much better.
Camille Miketinac- Please be in prayer for my son Harry, who will be having quadruple bypass surgery on June 11th.
Debbie Hoppe - Becca's husband, Ron, taken to the hospital.
Sonia - My friend Andrew having endoscopy - for good results.
Tony - Going through a lot and feel alone and helpless. Please pray.
Vickie Kee - Please pray for the intercessors that carry a burden for what they hear and pray for - help us to take time alone - we need to breathe in God.
Candy Newcomb - Steve's cousin Jon as he battles with cancer for the past 2 years. My daughter Tori is in the hospital in Virginia with an inflamed colon, they are doing tests on Monday. My brother Donnie is in the hospital in Pennsylvania, he has had a pacemaker put in, but he is very agitated, and confused and we think it could be his meds.
Lynn Bauer - My niece, Carolyn, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She is 55 yrs old and they have given her 1 to 2 years with radiation treatments.
Cindy Smith - Praise that Jeremy and Abby have filed adoption papers for their foster daughter K. We are hoping and praying for a summer adoption!!
Karen Mos - Please pray for my sister, Lisa and her husband, John who has suffered with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years and his health has severely declined. He no longer can leave their home because it is difficult to maneuver the steps at the entrance. My sister is his caregiver which has become a full-time job recently and she has heart issues. They are both Christians and their faith has gotten them through these difficult years. I also ask for prayer for my lifelong best friend Kathy. Her husband has dementia and today, after a long talk with her, realize that her
memory is declining too. Thank you so much.
Jackie Aldendefer - My son, Chris, and his family need prayer. He was diagnosed with colon cancer that has spread to his liver. 
Pat Rogers - Latest update, 5/27, for Laurie Jones, friend of husband’s cousin. She’s finished with chemotherapy and her “scans are clear”!  She would appreciate continued prayer and thanks you for support.
Andrew & Nicole - prayers for spiritual and physical restoration.
Duane & Karen Neumeyer - Update - praise that Jeff is home and recovering. Continued prayer for upcoming procedures and complete recovery. Please continue to pray for Haiti. Please pray for our missionary partner, Jeff. He had a heart attack yesterday and is in ICU. 
Andrew - healing from depression bipolar disorder and protection over my mental health.
Suzy Louima - for my mom having a rough Mother's Day season.
Duane & Karen Neumeyer - please continue to pray for an answer to the unrest and dangerous climate in Haiti and especially in the rural village area where we've been doing ministry for 25+ years. 
Gary Wandelt - Prayers for me in hospital with bowel blockage.
Krissy Amos - Prayers for Abby with pneumonia and for Jesse's mom still recovering.
Amy Williams - I need encouragement - feeling empty while trying to encourage others. I need a recharge.
Dot Black - Son, Tony, with white cells down after liver transplant, and son, Henry - both lost their father a month ago and both need encouragement. 
Melissa - My family has been under extreme spiritual attack for a very long time. We pray and ask God to shield us from this attack and guard every part of our lives. I need prayers for protection of my current income also. Praise God and Jesus! Bless You.
Gay Rickmyre - Update on my brother's mother-in-law, Dell Howard: Results of her colon surgery on April 10, she has now been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. Dell is a strong Christian and believes Jesus can heal her.
Duane Neumeyer - My brother's step-daughter, Melissa, is having a complicated surgery due to bladder cancer. Please pray for her recovery as it is supposed to be long and difficult.
Cliff & Vicki Kee - Our son Cliff Jr. suffered a stroke on Sunday morning. His speech seems to be returning, but he has lost eyesight in one eye. He is complaining about back pain. We are believing for a full recovery.
Ashley - Please pray for my marriage as we're going through a financial hardship and it's taking a toll on our marriage. Please pray that we learn to communicate together and pray things heal along with our hearts! And for my kids to keep reaching their goals no matter what!
Pam Kedenburg - Please pray for my niece Brenda, She know how to do dialysis seven days a week. We are praying she can get on a list.
Cristal Haney - My nephew broke his wrist and possibly needs surgery. Also my prayer is that God will touch his heart and he will come to know Him
Gwen LeVere - Paul went into congestive heart failure Thursday night. He is stable now, but still hospitalized. Please pray for us.
Sandi LoBosco - Please pray for a long time friend with severe health issues now on a feeding tube, but choosing to live rather than go to hospice.
Claudio -  For my life, that of my future wife América, that of my future sister-in-law Claudia. Breaking Generational Curses; removal of inconvenient  people who are not a blessing to our lives, opening of financial resources to cancel debts, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health.
Pat Rogers - New update on Laurie Jones, friend of my husband’s cousin. She’s had three rounds of chemotherapy. The fourth and final round is next week, 4/22. She was very sick after the first round but better after the second round.
Mary Lee Hawes - Update: Tuck has passed away. Prayer for Laura Branon's friend Tuck, he's in the hospital with breathing problems  and may not live very long.  Pray for a peaceful passing. Prayers for Laura too, she has been through a lot this year.

Gregory - eye surgery goes well and healing
Mary - cancer

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