MaryLee Hawes - Prayers for Jim Goodwin, Lisa Polite, healing for all who are sick and need healing - physical, spiritually and mentally. 
Jan Murray - Pray for my niece, Casey with a blood clot in her leg. 
Russ Williams - Going thru 6 mos-1 year test diagnoses of Lou Gehrig's Disease and right hip replacement surgery.
Michele and Tony Lenharr - Please pray for both of us quarantining at home with covid this week and next.  Thank God we have our shots so we have pretty mild cases.  Achiness is the worst. Thank You 
Sandi LoBosco - Prayers for Jim Goodwin, Debbie Hoppe, those in fires, floods and storms. All dealing with cancer, prayers for total remission - Bill Schank, John Rogers, Sal's sister, Tina, Suzy's family, Mary Lee's step daughter and so many others.  Kenny to find a home, unspoken for me, Lisa Polite, Bob Beaty, Allison and Food Pantry needs men to help. Prayers for Vivian Grinnen in a lot of pain from three types of arthritis and kidney problems. Garret & Allison fighting illness.
Reta Walker - Continue to pray for my brother Danny who has cancer, pray that we can find caregivers so he can continue to remain at home. Pray for his son, Les whose wife developed an illness and unable to walk. Doctors have yet to find out cause still running test.  Pray for my son Don, his wife Dori, granddaughter Marissa that they will come back to the Lord. Need strength and healing for me. Update: Friend, Melanie who has been fully vaccinated for Covid yet has very bad case of the virus, pray for quick recovery,  praises for answered prayers, found caregivers for my brother,  my nephew's wife is starting to walk again but doctors still don’t know the cause of her problem still waiting for test results, continue to pray for her and so many who are ill.  This has been a very difficult year but our God reigns.
Gary Wandelt - Jim Goodwin fighting pneumonia in hospital and for Jackie and daughter Debbie who is helping them. 
Patricia J Rogers - Please pray for my husband, John, who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He has had a bone scan and that was negative. He has upcoming appointments with a radiologist and surgeon to decide which therapy is best. Please pray for his peace of mind and wisdom for the doctors. Thank you. This is an ongoing request.
Debbie Hoppe - Prayers for my Georgia family.
Women's Ministry - requests taken at monthly breakfast - Villie: Continue to surrender to God's will. Sandi: Protection, Discernment & Trust in God during satan's attacks. Dana: More men to help with Food Pantry. Marlaina: Craig's continued arm healing; my mother's health, Robert with cancer. Donna Abel: Craig & Marlaina; our neighbor's health problems. Jan Murray: Granddaughter Connor went to ER on Saturday. Gay Rickmyre: Travel mercies to and from Nashville. Lolly: travel mercies for my daughter.
David Hakojarvi - Our neighbor, Justin, was hospitalized last Friday with complications of Covid. He has developed pneumonia and is one step away from being put on a ventilator. He is in a lot of pain. His wife tested positive but has since recovered. Their eldest son Tyler, is sick but tested negative. He is quarantining himself in his room. Their other 3 young children are doing fine. Prayers for healing. We give God the glory.


Food Pantry Patron Requests:

Joan - Prayer needs - feet, knees, eyes and teeth.
Donna - Prayers for a new job. 

Diane - Cancer
Becky - Need 2 total hip replacements, back surgery and now my heart.



*Please send your requests in the form below. They will be edited and published new on Monday mornings with additions on Thursday mornings, then cleared and refreshed again with new requests each Monday. There is no need to send multiple requests as the text field will accommodate as many requests as you want to put in.