Everyone Welcome!  You just need to be ready for change! We're a ministry for life's daily hurts, habits and hang-ups.
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Celebrate Recovery Is . . .
·    12-step biblical program based on Jesus’ teachings of the beatitudes
·    “Forward looking”
·    Focused on the participant commitment to Jesus Christ
·    Confidential; safe environment
·    Not interested in your age, sex, or religious background (non-denominational)

Doesn’t “Recovery” mean I need to be recovering from alcohol or drugs?
No.  This ministry is for all types of problems and addictions, which are unhealed, unmet, or unresolved.
These may include (but are not limited too):
·    Overeating
·    Overspending
·    Overworking
·    Sexual Addiction
·    Depression
·    Divorce
·    Co-dependency
·    Drug/Alcohol Addiction
·    Grief
·    Anger
·    (Others too numerous to mention; some more controlling than others)

Who Leads this ministry?
Christians, who understand the challenges you’re facing, have taken the time to be trained in the 12-step program, and care enough to want to help.

How can Celebrate Recovery help me?
By linking its four main components; fellowship, bible study, support, and worship/teaching, you will discover a defense against sin and experience a fresh start from any difficulty which may be preventing you from experiencing the life God intended for you.  It is only through the saving grace of God that healing will begin and a new direction for your life will emerge.  Ultimately, we want to become free from our addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors bringing peace, serenity, joy, and most importantly a stronger personal relationship with God and others.

What will be expected of me?
As a member of Celebrate Recovery, you are invited to attend as often as you would like and whichever portions of the program you choose (however, there is proof that the more involved individuals are the more benefit that is received).  You will want to support your fellow members, become more accountable, and maintain strict confidentially.

How do I begin?
Join us on one of our Celebrate Recovery Fridays at 7:00pm.

Where did the idea come from?
Rick Warren, author of the international best selling book, The Purpose Driven Life, is also the creator of this nationwide ministry.  Celebrate Recovery is currently being offered at more than 3,000 churches and prisons, helping an estimated 150,000 people all over the world.

When & where are the meetings?
Celebrate Recovery is held every Friday  evening at 7pm at South Daytona Christian Church, 2121 Kenilworth Ave.,  South Daytona (South off Big Tree Road between Nova & Ridgewood).

Real People, Real Issues, Real Experience, Real Strength, Real Hope

“My grace is enough for you . . .”
2 Corinthians 12:9&10