SDCC is home, not only to a loving church family, but to our Food Pantry, Celebrate Recovery, Prayer Support and other community helps and services. We are in the heart of our community, with the community at heart - here to serve people in any way that we can, the best that we can!
We have a fantastic Pre-3 and VPK program that has served the needs of families in our community for generations! We strive to foster a life-long love of learning in a Christian atmosphere. In addition, our After School care for kids from South Daytona Elementary provides a safe environment with fun and enriching activities for students.
Being a real part of the church is about more than merely attending Sunday services. We want to be a church where all people feel like they BELONG; where a relationship with Jesus sparks or grows brighter; and where people find their connection with Jesus and each other strengthened by serving.

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Need to find a group that will help you to grow in faith while building lifelong relationships? Take a look at our newest option:
We invite you to enter into our cosmos of conversation, caring, seeking, study, wonder and laughter; where Jesus is the center of it all. We’re a multi-generational group of singles and couples that meet at 9:00 AM every Sunday in the Starting Point room, just off the café. We will always welcome you just as you are. So, dive into The MIX and join our journey! God is here ready to connect with you in a fresh way!

The world we live in and the media often paint a negative picture of the church. It seems like many people think that the church is against everything and everyone. People often stay away because they think the church is against them. They don’t understand yet that we actually have the most inclusive message the world has ever seen.

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How many times have you said: “I just need..., then I’ll be happy”? Being content where you are is easier said than done. We see highlights on social media from the lives of our friends and families and they all seem to have these perfect and wonderful lives. But they are just highlights, and they rarely reflect the true nature of those lives. I often have to remind myself: comparison is the thief of joy. 

The National Day of Prayer (NDP) is a very special day in the calendar of the church year. Oh, Christmas and Easter are very special days that Christians around the world are celebrating and remembering in many different ways. But the National Day of Prayer (NDP) is unique in a number of ways. First of all, this is a day of prayer that all Americans are encouraged to participate in as we pray for our cities, county, state, and nation. The National Day of Prayer was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of Congress, and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman.