Gay Rickmyre - Paul Nicholson is having triple or quadruple heart bypass surgery on Tuesday, October 26.  Please keep him and Regina in your prayers. Update on Courtney (former co-worker's daughter) has been released from the hospital -praise Jesus. Her mother attributes her healing to prayer. The baby (who was delivered early) is doing well, but I just found out he is still in the hospital and is expected to be released in the next two weeks.
Mary Lee Hawes - Prayers for Carolyn with breast cancer - chemo is very rough, Jim & Jackie Goodwin. Troy Staton with liver cancer. Thank you God for Pastor Bobby, Pastor Scott and Trevor.
Christy Ansley - Neighbor Gail Murray in Halifax with infection in a recent hip replacement surgery. Update:  God is so good. Neighbor Gail came home from hospital after 9 days for hip has 32 more days of 2xday home infusion 2xday.  Thank you for all who joined in prayers for her.
Marcia Montgomery - Continued prayers for Troy Staton & his wife Dawn. Also for Steve, Kirk, Nita, Rick & Sue Calfee, Jeanie, Caroline , Light the Night, church congregational meeting for election & budget. Missionaries in Haiti who were kidnapped. For our police, another officer in Houston was killed leaving a wife and a 2 month old. Update on my brother in law Kirk.  Just got a call from my sister Sheila. Kirk’s hemoglobin numbers are high, white blood count high and a serious infection in his urine.  All this from a bad fall?  Hospital is calling in a Hematologist to run tests and evaluate. Please pray for answers and healing.
Vicki Kee - Asking for healing prayers for a pastor who is a friend of our church. He is having sight problems and I pray that his eye sight be completely restored in Jesus name ..AMEN!
Sandi LaBosco - Praise  - my brother's surgery went well and continued prayers for relief from pain and full recovery. Prayers for the 17 Christians kidnapped in Haiti. Pray that the gang members would come to repentance. 
Brittany Dill - Grandmother needs prayers as she has been very sick and in the hospital. Prayers for grandfather for the Lord to touch his heart & soul as he tries to fight depression with her being sick. God bless. 
Nicky Hill - Prayers for me deliverance of a eating disorder and spiritual growth. Prayers for my son Cameron for his safety at school and his salvation.
Scott Gannon - Prayer for his cousin and family which has covid and Rob is in the hospital with breathing difficulties - now in critical condition.
Sandi LoBosco - Prayers for my brother having knee replacement surgery today. 
Marcia Montgomery - MaryLee has pulled a muscle in her back and please keep her in prayer. Pray for my son Robert, Rick & Sue Calfee, Jim & Jackie Goodwin, Troy & Dawn Station, Food Pantry, Light the Night, leadership elections for church, Kidz Club, Pastor Bobby & Cindy for continued protection & strength to serve God. 
Patricia J Rogers - Please pray for my husband, John, who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He has had a bone scan and that was negative. He has upcoming appointments with a radiologist and surgeon to decide which therapy is best. John had surgery Thurs Oct 7th and it went well and has at least 4 weeks of recovery. Please pray for his peace of mind. Thank you. This is an ongoing request.
Debbie Hoppe - Prayers for me and my Georgia family and friend Linda. 

Barton Hozman - Pray for my wife who has dementia.  
Donna Sweeter - For a job - Thank You and God Bless.
Joan Robinson - Pray for my right eye, feet and kidney disease.
Katie Dunlop - For a financial blessing toward self employment.
Lisa Williams - Prayers for Katelyn & John - John's memaw passed yesterday.
Nancy Jones - Pray for Zuna - appendix burst and has complications.

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