Our current response to Covid-19:

The following are guidelines and specifics for our services. We will explore trends and update the policies every 2 weeks.
This page will be updated frequently, so be sure to check here frequently if you have any questions about our plans going forward.

1.  Practice social distancing.
2.  Refrain from hugging, shaking hands, etc.
3.  Masks are optional, so it will be your decision if you want to wear one. Please be kind and respect the decision of others either way on this issue. We know there are some strong opinions on masks out there. There is a mask only area in the Fellowship Hall for the 10AM worship service.
4.  Please don’t gather to chat in the café or hallway at this time.
5.  Use the provided hand sanitizer to clean your hands frequently.

1. Seating in the auditorium will be marked with proper spacing, so please follow those guidelines - even if you can’t sit in your usual spot :) 
2. We ask families to sit together. 
3. There is a mask only area in the Fellowship Hall for the 10AM worship service.
4. If you are not feeling well, or vulnerable to COVID-19, please stay home and enjoy the services online.
5. Greeters will be at the doors to assist you with safety measures as needed. We will not hand you anything (bulletins, etc.) at this time. 
6. We will not pass communion or offering plates. There will be stations at the front for communion and you can drop your offering in the plate at the same time (or give online). The communion will be spaced so that only one serving will be touched by each person. (one cup has “the bread” and another cup is placed on top of that one with the juice so you will pick up both cups together - and they are spaced apart within the tray)
For those who prefer or who have disabilities, you may pick up a self contained communion packet at the Welcome Center before service begins.

We are using an ionizer after people have been in certain areas. This machine sanitizes and sterilizes everything in the room. We also disinfect some frequently used areas with a sanitizing fogger between uses for certain programs.

Our custodian, the wonderful Candy, has taken extra steps to keep our building clean and sanitized:
Carpets cleaned
Floors cleaned
Auditorium sanitized after each service
Door handles sanitized
All used rooms cleaned
Bathrooms sanitized

If you are unable to attend, you can worship with us online every Sunday at 10:00AM! Join us on Facebook or at www.sdccfl.org.

Covid-19 Updates

We've all been reminded, in a big way, recently that "the Church" is not a building. It's God's people. It's been great to see the outpouring of the love of Christ to others as we've navigated these strange times. Way to go church!

THIS Sunday is Mother's Day and we want to help you make it special! We're having a Mother's Day Drive-Through Celebration at South Daytona Christian Church! It's a time to come by the church to say hello, celebrate mom, take a picture for her or with her at our photo stop, donate to Resources for Women or take a (sterilized) baby bottle to fill with change (cash & checks fit in there, too), drop some non-perishable food off for the pantry, or just drive by and wave. Whatever you're comfortable with. And . . .

Whether you believe this chart or that graph, think it's too soon to open up or way past time, don't believe those numbers or that expert, it is really up to you. But, don't expect everyone to agree with you. (Whoa! Wait a minute! What are you saying?) Yep, I'm saying it. We're going to have to love each other through this and show some grace no matter which side of the road we stand on. If we don't, that nasty architect of evil (Satan) will surely take advantage and start a seek and destroy mission.  I love this excerpt from an article by Costi Hinn.